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Best Places to Play Online Poker For Free

There are an abundance of websites online which are dedicated to offering free poker playing facilities. Here are some of the best sites available, and why you may wish to consider signing up.


888poker is renowned for offering a large number of promotional incentives to those who decide to play on this site. Its software is developed in-house and frequently updated - offering a top class gaming experience. There's also a 3D option (as well as lots of other great features), for anyone who's looking for a novel way to play poker.


With great graphics and easy-to-use-software, this site has long been a favourite with beginners and experienced poker players alike. There's also an extensive range of rewards and promotions available, as well as 'Party Points' - allowing players to receive bonuses, whatever their skill level.

William Hill Poker

For those playing for money, this site has the advantage of multi-currency play in its wide range of poker games. However, even those who want to play exclusively for free can benefit from the reliable software found on this site.


Officially the largest online poker site, there's a huge variety of games available, including some rather unusual options for those looking for something a little different. This site may have a few famous names on its books, but players who are new to the game are very welcome, and often prefer this site's easy-to-use software.

Full Tilt Poker

This world-renowned site is often favoured by players who are looking to compete at a high skill-level, and for extremely high stakes. However, it can also be a good option for those looking to play for free. Again, there are a huge selection of games available, and features to cater for almost every playing preference.

Although this is a relatively limited selection, these sites might be used as something a starting point for those looking for the best places to play free poker. Once you have some experience in playing free poker online, you are more than likely to develop your own tastes and preferences for which sites are best to play on. It is also worth remembering that one of biggest incentives for signing up to any particular poker site is their welcome bonus, and even players whose priorities lie in playing free poker games may wish to take this into consideration.