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From The Poker Room To The Computer

Playing poker in an online poker room is now a really popular across all ages and countries. However before the age of the internet and advanced computers, people used to play poker in casinos and poker rooms - and often still do. We're going to take you on a quick journey to see the origins of the game of poker that you play online.


The actual origin of poker is not entirely clear. It is thought that one of the earliest games that involved betting, bluffing and hand rankings was a game from 15th century Germany, called Pochspiel. All sounds rather familiar doesn't it?

However poker is also like a Persian game known as As Nas. We don't know when this game was played really or how far it dates back, but many did and still do consider it to be the same game.


A lot of people disagree with all of the above, and claim that poker is different from all of those games because of the betting involved in the game. Betting doesn't actually appear in the older versions of the game we've mentioned, so are they technically poker?

If we bear this in mind then we can say that poker actually started many years later, somewhere in the early to mid 18th century, in the Mississippi River region, and by 1800 it was very popular. As today, there were various versions of the game, some involving 52 cards, which was both played as straight poker and as stud poker. Or there was 20 card poker, which could be played by just two players. Poker, and it's development into what it is today, can be linked to the historical movement which saw the invention of modern gambling.

1970 onwards

Poker was of course popular pre-1970 but it wasn't until then that it really became the huge game that it is today. In that year the World Series of Poker (WSoP) began, which meant that modern tournament play became really massive in American casinos. It was players like Johnny Moss, Amarillo Slim, Bobby Baldwin, Doyle Brunson, and Puggy Pearson who were really well known at this time.

It was in this year that things started to get a little more serious as far as game strategy went. The legendary Doyle Brunson brought out the book Super/System which became an instant hit. In the same year Mike Caro brought out Caro's Book of Poker Tells, which was equally as popular. From that moment on strategy books just kept on coming.

Today of course with online poker, the game just continues growing and is played worldwide.