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Poker Tournament Etiquette

If you are new to the world of online poker you may not be entirely sure about how you should act. Although you are playing the same game as you do in a casino, it's a very different experience when playing online.

Whatever you are doing on the web, not just with poker, it can be hard to relate to those you are playing against if you can't see them. Even though people often use avatars in online poker, it is hard to tell who they are and how good they are at playing poker.

It is therefore important to treat all people equally (initially at least) and to follow some simple etiquette tips to ensure you have the most enjoyable gaming experience that you can.

Top Tips

The following tips aren't set in stone but they are worth following, in particular if you are playing free poker. Just because you are using with play money it doesn't mean you should mess around.

  • Don't swear and be generally rude and obnoxious in the chat. This may seem obvious, but it really isn't for everyone. No one likes to receive abuse and you don't want to put people off their game, who knows you may even end up putting yourself off.
  • Don't talk badly about about those you are playing with. This is kind of in the same vein - if someone makes a bad move, there really isn't any point in telling them. First of all it's rude, and secondly you don't really want to be telling the other player where they are going wrong, as they can use your negative feedback to improve their game.
  • Keep it moving. When you are playing with other people on the web, it's tempting to do something else at the same time or let your full attention wander from the game. This isn't fair on those you are playing with. If you are being inattentive it will really annoy others, so use advance actions to avoid slowing people down if you can.
  • There is an old poker rule “one player to a hand”, this means that a player is supposed to play their hand without the help of anyone else. Of course with online poker it is impossible to know if someone is having outside help. But for yourself, don't comment on a hand in progress and don't give someone else advice during a hand. You want the game to be as fair as possible. And nobody likes a cheat.